An interactive platform that connects young people in search for exchange opportunities with youth organizations around Europe that are implementing them!


Explore communication strategy which will help your organization to disseminate its mobility activities to a wider range of young people and get more participants.


Share with us how youth mobilitities in which you participated have changed your life.


Explore ongoing calls for participation in mobility opportunities from all around Europe and apply for those which spark your interest!

What are we offering to young people

On this platform you can effortesly search a base of opportunities for learning, traveling and meeting new people! In just a few clicks you can find an exchange, training, study visit, seminar or other activity  that fits your interests and find out more about it. The best thing is that you don’t need to register on the site in order to search for and find a perfect mobility for you!


This platform offers your organization a place to learn how to succesfully communicate mobility opportunities to young people and it gives you a chance to publish your calls on it so they can be explored by young site visitors. Create your organization’s profile in just a few clicks and disseminate your calls for free

About the project

The project Algortithm for Mobility was concieved with an idea of developing innovative communication strategies for organizations that will be used for informing young people on benefits that mobility activities can bring to them in their personal and professional development. This platform is a product of the project and it represents a place where young people can easily browse through and find mobility activities and where youth organizations can learn how to effectively communicate their mobility opportunities to the youth.


Benefits for young people
  • Find opportunities for your personal and professional growth by taking part in mobility activities, and in the same time learn more about different cultures, meet new people and improve your local community.
  • Use this platform to browse through an index of active calls for mobility activities around Europe.
  • In just a few clicks find out more about mobility programmes that interest you and about youth organizations that are implementing them.
Benefits for organizations
  • Learn how to inspire young people to join your mobility activities by using innovative communication strategies.
  • Announce your mobility activities to a large number of young people by registering your organization on this platform.
  • Learn how to ensure safety of participants of your youth exchanges


Communication strategy

In order to support youth organizations in disseminating their mobiliy events and projects to as wider audience of young people as possible we have developed a series of step-by-step communication startegies which you can use when communicating with different target groups.



Learn how to create and implement a communication strategy for your organization in order to engage people.


Explore and apply six ready-made communication startegies for communicating with different groups of young people.

By participating in youth exchanges I’ve gained not just valuable practical knowledge in the spheres of youth work, reconciliation and peacebuilding but I’ve also met my peers from other societies and cultures with which I’ve formed true friendships.

Milenko Dimitrijević

For me youth exchanges and seminars are like open door to the world, through which you can step out of your comfort zone in your community and start interacting, learning from and forming bonds with people from all around the world. Just try it!

Selmir Smajić

Youth exchanges helped me in building my communication skills and self-confidence when getting in touch with people from different places. Knowledge and skills that I gained by participating in these events were also usefull in developing my career as a youth worker.

Sara Hasan-Kul


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The project Algorith for Mobility is implemebted by Balkan Urban Movement and CONNECT International with the suppport of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union