A communication tool is the medium through which your message will be transmitted to your target group(s).

Best way to reach young people, and to promote youth mobility would be social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

In the following pages you can find steps you need to do in order to promote your activities, mainly youth mobility, using different Social media.


When posting on social media do not cross-post. Cross-posting is basically sharing the exact post (text) on different social media, or on the same account multiple times.

It is easier, and not so time consuming, but you need to „translate“ your messages in the language of each platform. Each social media platform differs in things like caption length, image formatting, and vocabulary, and by sharing the exact same post on all of them means you might accidentally end up inviting your followers to retweet you on Facebook, or Pin your post on Instagram.

You may also lose part of your caption, or tag a handle from one platform that doesn’t exist on another, or lose your visual content


Write a new message for every platform and post!

You should post regularly across all your social media accounts, and engage with your followers on each platform. But instead of repeating the same messages, you should be writing a new post each time.

Although it sounds like it will be really time consuming, you don’t need to start from beginning every time.


Facebook is the perfect place for casual content and your posts should take on a relaxed, conversational tone. When you edit your posts for this platform, formatting is key. Be sure to not tag (@name) a lot of people in your messages and keep hashtags (#) to a minimum.

It is important to share content people can engage with, comment on, tag friends in and repost.

The easiest way to drive engagement is to ask for it. Using phrases like “tell us what you think” or “what are your thoughts on …” are easy ways to get people talking about you and your activities.


  • What do you think would be the biggest advantage of youth mobility?
  • Why would you take part in youth mobility?
    • Travel
    • Meeting new people
    • Learning a new language


When using Twitter, you need to keep in mind that you only have 280 characters to engage your audience, so make sure you choose your words wisely and focus on the main parts of the message that you want your audience to receive.

Twitter is the best place to use hashtags. They boost engagement and attract more people to your tweets and can also be great tools to summarize your message.  Use few hashtags closely related to the topic you wish to assert, because the limitation of characters available for a message.

Keep your tone casual, avoid business jargon and, instead, focus on posting content that your followers will want to respond to and share.


If you want to explore the world and meet new people and different cultures, youth mobility is just right for you! #youth #mobility #travel


Instagram is a visual-focused platform and coming up with the perfect caption can be tricky. The main goal of a caption is to provide context for the image or video you post and call users to an action.

When creating an Instagram post, using many hashtags, within your caption, widely related to your topic, such as #mobility, #travel, #language, #youth, #culture etc., can be a great way to boost engagement. Besides writing your hashtags in caption, you can add more in comment section.

You can use Instagram stories in form of image or video to engage young people or disseminate important information about youth mobility. Instagram stories are visible for 24-hour, after which you can save them in highlighted section on your profile page.

When including a link, be sure to include something like “check out the link in bio for more information” in your caption.


If you want to explore the world and meet new people and different cultures, youth mobility is just right for you – check out the link in our bio for more information (insert a picture)