About the project

Aim of the project

The platform YouthMobility.org, a place that connects young people in search for exchange opportunities with youth organizations from Europe that are implementing them, was concieved and created within the project Algorithm for Mobility. 

If you are coming from youth organizations, this project will help you to learn how to efficiently communicate your mobility activities to different youth groups and you will also be able to disseminate your calls to a large number of young people who are visiting this platform. And when it comes to young people, you can use the platform to find, select, get information and apply to a mobility opportunity that fits your interest the best.

BUM and CONNECT have worked together on building capacities of organizations to disseminate their mobilities by implementing innovative communication strategies from business sector in youth work. We hope that many young people will become aware of the benefits that exchange programmes can bring to them – from meeting new people, traveling to taking part in nonformal education. 

The project Algorithm for Mobility is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.







Benefits for youth organisations
Communicate with the youth

Our free and ready-made communication startegies will help your organization to efficiently communicate your mobility opportunities with different socio-economic groups of young people, thus increasing the number, diversity and quality  of participants.

Share your mobiliy calls

Make your mobility activity calls accessible to a larger number of potential participants by sharing them on this platform. Register your organization and create its profile by filling in the simple registration form. Once your account is verified you will be able to share calls for participants for mobility activities that you are implementing on the platform.

Network with other organizations

Once you register and setup your profile on the platform, your organization’s logo and contact details will be listed on the „Registered organizations“ page, thus enabling potential partners, stakeholders and volunteers to easily get in touch you.

Ensure safety of your participants

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for ensuring safety and security of the participants of your organization’s mobility activities. You can access it for free.

Benefits for youth participants

Explore mobility opportunities

In just a few clicks you can search our base of active calls for participation in various mobillity activities, ranging from exchanges and study visits to trainings and seminars. We have implemented filters to make your search even more simple and straigh-forward.

Non-formal education opportunities

Take an active part in non-formal education by participation in mobility activities and acquire valuable new knowledge on various topis such as youth work, ecology, entrepreneurship, democratic participation and many others.

Intercultural learning opportunities

Meet your peers from all around the world, form new friendships and exchange your culture, customs and traditions with them. Participation in mobility activities is a simple way of experiencing intercultural learning and dialogue in practice.

Volunteering opportunities

Take a look at the list of registered organizations on this platform and learn more about their work, activities and values.  If you are interested in volunteering or being their activist feel free to get in touch with them.


Testimonials From organisations

We found communication startegies that are available on this website to be one of the most useful tools in the process of promotion and dissemination of calls for participants for our mobility activities. Thanks to them we have managed to increase the reach of our calls and the number of applicants.

Katarina Đekić

Camping Association of Serbia

For our organization it is of key importance to diversify the profile of youth mobility participants. By utillising communication startegies designed for different target groups among the young people we have succeded in making our youth activities more diverse, inclusive and open to all.

Alenka Čović


We are happy that we finaly have an online space where our mobility activities can be announced and shared with young people in just a couple of clicks.

Petar Neskovic

KZM Bajina Bašta