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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through answers to questionns that are most commonly asked about the platform and what it offers to youth organizations and young people.

How youth organizations can publish their mobility opportunities on this platform?

In order to publish calls for participants for your mobility activities  on you need to register your organization by visiting Register page. Once you have set up your account you will be able to announce mobility activities on the platform and start recruiting participants.

Can organizations from anywhere in the world publish mobility opportunities on this platform?

This platform is designed to  facillitate youth exchanges in Europe. That is why, for now, only organizations  from European countries can register and publish their mobility opportunities on the platform.

How can I, as a young person, find more information about mobility opportunities that I’m interested in applying?

You can learn more about mobility opportunities that interest you by clicking on thumbnails within the section displaying active calls for participation on the Ongoing Opportunities page. On the same spot you will also be able to apply for participation by filling in embedded application form. If you need more information than you can find on the Ongoing opportunities page, feel free to contact organization which is implementing the activity for which you are applying.



Are there any exclusion critieria which may prevent me from applying for certain mobility opportunities?

The conditions which you need to fullfil in order to apply for mobility activities are defined by organizations which are implementing them. These conditions may regard your age, country of residence, the existence of certain experience and knowledge necessary for active participation in the event, etc.

How will I be informed whether my application for participation in a mobility activity has been successful or not?

You will be informed on the outcome of your application by the organization which has published the call for participation once the deadline for applying has expired. does not participate in the evaluation of your application form.