We are bringing you some simple tips which will help your messages stand out in the sea of Internet content:

Check the captions to make sure you are using the right vocabulary for each platform

Always take a second look before posting

Posting regularly is important, but don’t overdo it

Think quality over quantity

Know the best times to post on each platform and schedule your posts for maximum impact.

Think about what you really want to say to your target group(s)

Add images and videos with the right dimensions

Use relevant hashtags

Make sure your text is relevant, engaging, and authentic

Watch out for typos, broken links, and hashtags that don’t mean what you thought they did

When using Social media, you just need to make sure that you post frequent and regular updates. For this it will be easier to have all the social activities organized in one place.

In order to keep the implementation phases of your communication activities under control, usually a GANTT chart is used. It illustrates the start and finish dates of each single task. But you can also use the following template: