There are plenty of international mobility programmes designed to offer young people a chance to participate in different activities around Europe. On this page we will introduce you to the most important and popular ones which are currently active on the old continent. Hundreds of thousand of young people have participated and gained valuable life experience through them.


Erasmus+ is the programme of European Union designed to facillitate implementation of educational, training, youth and sport exchanges all around Europe. Students, young people, activists, volunteers, teachers, lecturers, youth workers and sport workers  can all participate in this programme. Every year more than 100.000 organizations implement around 25.000 Erasmus+ projects with almost 900.000 participants. This makes Erasmus+ the biggest and most widely known international mobility programme.


European Youth Foundation is a fund established by Council of Europe in 1972 with a goal of providing financial support in the implementation of youth activities which promote tolerance, reconcilliation, peace, cooperation and understanding on the European continent. The EYF played a major role in the development of contemporary youth work methodologies, which are used by youth workers around the world. The programme is open to young people and youth workers from all 47 member states of the Council of Europe, plus Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO)

Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is an international organization established with a goal of promoting peace, reconcilliation and cooperation betwen the societies of the Westren Balkans by supporting youth activities and exchanges in this region. RYCO was formed in  2017 and it offers support to exchange activities implemented by organizations from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo*. Participants must come from and activities must be implemented in the Western Balkans.


Europe for Citizens is the programme of European Union created in 2006 with a goal of improving cooperation between people of different ethinic, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds in Europe by promoting common European values and encouraging citizens to actively participate in democratic processes on European level. Exchange activities implemented within this programme are focused on building European citizenship, international cooperation and introducing young people to the importance of their participation in decision-making processes.


Creative Europe is the programme of European Union established in order to promote and protect European cultural heritage and its diversity, as well as to support the sustainable growth and development of the cultural and creative sector in Europe. Exchange activities within the Creative Europe programme are aimed at connecting artists, cultural operators and other people involved in culture from all around the continent in order to boost their creative potentials and build the feeling of belonging to the common European cultural space.