Identify target groups


After you define communication objectives, you need to identify specific target groups relevant to your objectives. Try to answer the question: What are the main characteristics of your target group? Who are the people important for the objective you wish to achieve?

Many rural youths are often experience unique problems and potential barriers to employment and adult life. Some rural problems may actually interfere with successful career development including geographic isolation, fewer employment opportunities, lack of economic vitality, and lower educational and vocational achievement. Because of these and related problems, young people living outside urban area tend to be more economically, educationally, and vocationally disadvantaged than their urban counterparts. These and related concerns highlight a need for greater attention to be placed on the successful career development of disadvantaged rural-based youth.

With that in mind, try to recognize which young people have similar problems and try to approach them according to our suggestions.

Young living outside urban area in general

Mobility alumni groups

Youth associations located outside urban area

Informal groups

Youth organizations located outside urban area

For easier managing, you can use the following table (the first row is exemplary):