Define objectives you wish to communicate through your messages


You can gather your project team and brainstorm ideas. Try to answer questions: What do you want to achieve with each specific message? Which topics would attract students to participate in youth mobility?

For example, we are aware that students are interested in learning languages, cross-cultural communication, gaining knowledge, and a new set of skills that can increase their employment prospects.  So, in one of your messages, you can highlight educational value of youth mobility to attract new participants.

If you want to be more specific you can add some goal numbers you wish to reach. For example, highlight educational value to attract 5 new participants to your youth mobility program. However, have in mind that goals need to be realistic, do not overestimate your possibilities. Remember: do not confuse communication objectives with those of the project itself.

Here are few examples of some general communication objectives you can use in your strategy:

Raise awareness of your student mobility program  

Motivate students to take part in student mobility program

Engage students to actively participate in social media post about specific mobility

 Inform students about co-finance possibilities