Identify target groups


After you define communication objectives, you need to identify specific target groups relevant to your objectives. Try to answer the question: What are the main characteristics of your target group? Who are the people important for the objective you wish to achieve?

The vast majority of low-income youth today are working but still struggling to make ends meet: struggling to find and keep a toehold in a changing labor market, to keep up with their bills, to pay the spiraling costs of essentials like health care and housing.

Targeting individuals with low budget income could be problematic due to lack of information about their social status. Try to be sensitive about funding options and see which young people individually can have issues regarding finance support.

With that in mind, try to recognize which young people have similar problems and try to approach them according to our suggestions.

To boost your engagement contact organizations and associations that could help you address youth with low budget income and ask them to share and support your posts. That could be:

Low-income support organizations

NGO-s regarding low-income assistance

Social Welfare Centre

Policy makers in local area

For easier managing, you can use the following table (the first row is exemplary):