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Communicate with the young people

Learn how to Our free and ready-made communication startegies will help your organization to efficiently communicate your mobility opportunities with different socio-economic groups of young people, thus increasing the number, diversity and quality  of participants.

Share your mobility calls

Make your mobility activity calls accessible to a larger number of potential participants by sharing them on this platform. Register your organization and create its profile by filling in the simple registration form. Once your account is verified you will be able to share calls for participants for mobility activities that you are implementing on the platform.

Network with other organizations

Once you register and setup your profile on the platform, your organization’s logo and contact details will be listed on the „Registered organizations“ page, thus enabling potential partners, stakeholders and volunteers to easily get in touch you.

Ensure safety of your participants

We have prepared a step-by-step guide for ensuring safety and security of the participants of your organization’s mobility activities. You can access it for free.





“We used Algorithm’s Communication Strategies Guide to drastically improve the way how we communicate with young people which has resulted in the increased interest for participation in our events.”

Milena Lazarević

Youth Solidarity Center

“It has never been easier to disseminate your calls for events and share them to as many young people as possible. We are happy that we had a chance to test this platform!”

Ivana Angelovska


“We started using this platform out of curiosity. Now, when we have gone through its features and learned more about them, we believe that it will become a part of our work whenever we are implementing youth mobilities.”

Art Vula

Youth for Peace and Culture