Youth exchange opportunities from all around Europe are waiting for you!

Find out why you should apply for an exchange and how to do so.



Meet new people

Get active


Take part in non-formal education

Non-formal education (NFE) offers you a possibility to gain new knowledge in an intuitive, fun and engaging manner. Learn how to think both criticaly and creatively at the same time. Accquire practical and meningful skills which will help you advance your personal and professional growth. Pick the right youth exchange and all these NFE benefits will be served to you.

Travel and explore

Join hundreds of thousand of young people from all around Europe who boldly embark on journeys to places which they would probably never be able to visit without youth exchange projects. Almost all youth exchange programmes will cover travel and accomodation costs of participants, making participation in them accessible even to those who are socio-economically vulnerable and deprived.

Meet new people

One of youth exchange benefits, which comes hand in hand with the opportunity of traveling, is the chance to meet different cultures, national identities, religions and traditions by spending time with your peers from all around the world. These personal contacts and friendships betwen young people also serve as bridge between communities, which can play a critical role in building trust and lasting peace in postconflict areas.

Get active!

Youth exchange activities are never just about traveling, meeting new people and having fun! All exchange projects have a meaningful purpose, ranging in topics from community development, empowering discriminated people to building your employability and entrepeuneurial skills. By participatining in exchanges you become a part of forces which are bringing the positive change to local communities, enabling them to grow and become better for all. On this platform you will also find contact info of dozens of youth organizations. Feel free to explore their work and maybe you will find perfect volunteering opportunity!

DID you know?

More than 10 million young people have participated in various exchanges implemented within the programme Erasmus+ and its predecessors over the last three decades.


The application process for youth exchange opportunities published on YouthMobility platform is simple and straight-forward. You don’t need to have account on the platform in order to apply. Just follow these 4 steps!

STEP 1. – Take a look at the ongoing opportunities

All calls for participants for opportunities that are recruiting participants at the moment are published on the page Ongoing opportunities.

STEP 2. – Find the right mobility for you

Once you are on the Ongoing opportunities page, use filters to easily navigate exchange calls based on their topic, eligible countries from which participants can come and due date for application. Once you find the perfect mobility opportunity, click on the thumbnail to find out more about its topic, goals and requirements for applying.

STEP 3. – Apply!

When you get familliar with the mobility activity that interest you and determine that you fulfil application requirements, it is time to fill in your application form. Please note that application forms that you see on this platform are Google forms which are embedded by organizations which are organizing exchanges. We are not collecting, storing or processing your application data.

STEP 4. – Submit the application and find out if have been selected

Once you submit your application and the deadline for applying expires, you will be contacted by organization which is implementing the exchange activity with the information whether you have been selected as a participant or not. If you need any additional information feel free to contact organization which has published the call. We wish you a lot of luck with your applications!